Permits and Approvals

High Load Permit

A High Load Permit is required if you are planning to move any large structure (higher than 4.8 metres) by road. Typical high loads include houses, machinery and industrial structures.

Loads between 4.8m and 5.4m high: 

We will check the proposed route for any potential hazards and issue a Permit.

Loads over 5.4m high: 

We will check the proposed route for any potential hazards and if the route is clear to the height required, a Permit will be issued.

If the route is not clear we will arrange an escort and manage the obstructions for which a charge will apply. Please call us on 03 768 9300 if you would like an indication of costs.

A minimum of 14 days notice is required.

You must obtain a permit before commencing the shift. A copy of the Permit will be faxed or emailed to you and it must be carried by the transporting vehicle.

Please submit a new High Load Request through the website

Close Approach Permit

All power lines have the potential to cause serious harm or death if people directly touch, indirectly touch or even simply get too close to a conductor or line.

When you plan to work near overhead lines or power poles, it is a legal requirement that you follow the minimum safe distances as set down by the New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice.

All work activity must be kept at least 4 metres from overhead lines. If you need to work closer to our overhead lines you must obtain approval, in the form of a Close Approach Permit.

A Close Approach Permit is required if you:

  • plan to work within 4 metres of overhead power lines.
  • plan to dig within 5 metres of any pole, pole support or power cable (depending on the depth of excavations, you may need additional pole supports to prevent poles collapsing).
  • plan to trim or fell trees near overhead power lines.


Other Requirements – Using mobile Plant

Where any mobile plant is being used in proximity to overhead power lines, the operator of the machinery/vehicle shall affix an approved warning notice in a conspicuous place as near as practicable to the operator’s position.

The notice shall legibly state – “WARNING, KEEP CLEAR OF POWER LINES”. Westpower has Warning Labels available free of charge.

Please download the Close Approach Permit and fax to 03 768 2755 or email to