Distributed Generation

Distributed generators, or ‘embedded generators’, are generators located at a home or business which are capable of generating electricity for that installation and may also be capable of feeding surplus generation back into our network.

This type of generation can be made up of a number of systems that range in kW capacity.

Westpower has an Information Pack available which includes guidelines and an application form for Connecting a Generator Plant to the Westpower Network. 

Before your generator can be connected to the electricity network, you must obtain permission from Westpower, have a signed contract with an electricity retailer and meet the requirements of the Electricity Industry Participation Code (the Code).

When Westpower receives an application for distributed generation, we start an approval process as outlined in the Code and will be happy to work with you in achieving a successful outcome.  Please email your application to connections@westpower.co.nz.

For more information Distributed Generation – Information Pack