Cable Locations

Underground network services may be located in and around your property. Electricity cables may be underground, as well as telephone, water or sewer lines.

If you are:

  • building a new fence along your boundary,
  • digging a trench or
  • laying a new driveway,

please check before you start any excavation work, particularly in the berm outside your property.

Be Aware

  • before digging, check first for buried cables on the beforeUdig website
  • buried water pipes and power cables can look the same
  • several utilities (electricity, telephone, water and sewer) can share the same road space
  • remember that damaging underground electrical cables could result in serious injury or even death

You could require a location service to identify if there are underground services in the vicinity of your property.

The beforeUdig website provides an easy and quick online service to assist customers in determining the presence of underground assets in and around any proposed dig site; helping to protect people, communities and valuable assets during these works.

Westpower encourages safety around power cables and provides an underground cable location service free of charge.

To arrange a cable location, please contact beforeUdig on 0800 248 344 or at

(Seven days prior notice is required for a request for an underground cable location.)