Service Line Responsibilities

Power lines and equipment inside your boundary

Power lines and equipment inside your property boundary are known as service lines or mains and are generally owned by the consumer.

Power lines outside your boundary

Westpower owns the lines and equipment up to the point of connection, which is usually at the boundary of your property and high voltage lines to the nearest transformer within your property.

Faults caused by a third party

Faults on our network caused by a third party are charged to those responsible for the damage, for example, a tree dropping onto a power line, vehicles or machinery hitting our power lines or equipment, or a high load on a truck taking out a line across a road.

Meters and ripple control units

Meters and ripple control units on the property are the responsibility of your metering equipment owner, generally your electricity retailer.

If the problem is related to the meter or ripple control unit. your electricity retailer will be responsible for the repair or replacement of the equipment.

High voltage overhead lines

Generally high voltage (11,000 volt) overhead lines, underground cables, switchgear and transformers on industrial or rural sites are owned and maintained by Westpower.