Westpower's Operation During COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

Current Status - 20 March 2020

Westpower would like to assure our West Coast community, customers and consumers that we have a strong plan in place to manage the network “keeping the lights on” during the COVID-19 pandemic which includes keeping our network operational, our staff, consumers and customers safe. Our focus is very much on ensuring that power supply and quality remains unaffected throughout the West Coast area.

At Westpower it is currently business as usual, however we have been preparing for COVID-19. In the event of needing to escalate the level of response required to Covid-19, the majority of Westpower staff will be able to continue to work from home, with a limited number of key staff members needing to access the site.

Westpower will continue monitoring the network and managing outages and responding to faults. Safety of the network and our staff, customers and consumers remains paramount. Delivery of services Westpower will continue to provide all critical services as usual during this period. There may be changes to the delivery of non-essential services, however Westpower will provide updates as the situation changes.


Notifications regarding any changes to, or cancellations of planned outages will be made via the website and any significant unplanned outages will be posted on the website, Facebook and Twitter.

Contacting Westpower

Contacting Westpower is unchanged. Please call or email as you normally would.

Phone: 03 768 9300
Fax: 03 768 2766
Email: info@westpower.co.nz
Email Us

For any emergency relating to safety on our network, call 0800 768 241 anytime.