News from Westpower

22 June 2020

Please be reassured that throughout Covid-19 alert Level 1 all Westpower and ElectroNet employees will continue to follow safe working practises. This includes

  • Declaration of Health from Employees
  • Safe working distancing practises followed
  • Contact tracing

Should you have any concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs on 0800 768 9300.

6 May 2020

The Board of Directors of West Coast’s electricity distributor, Westpower is pleased to announce that the total amount of the line charge special discount this year will be $5m, up $2m from last year. It has been decided that the payment of its special discount to consumers this year will be brought forward to August rather than December as has been the practice in the past. This decision has been made by the Board of Directors to help reduce the financial pressure on our community at a time where many are facing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 events.

13 May 2020 

From 14th May 2020 New Zealand will be working in Covid-19 Alert Level 2. 

Westpower and Electronet companies are prepared to ‘Play It Safe’ and will be available to undertake all contracting and maintenance work, following strict protocols. 

Our offices will be open, however there will be restrictions in terms of distancing ourselves from others. 

Now that the country has moved to Level 3 (as from 28th April 2020), the Westpower and Electronet companies have resumed some contracting and maintenance work, while continuing to respond to faults, and are strictly adhering to the key principles for safe working during Level 3.

The office continues to remain closed for general business during this period. 

Our steps to assist in flattening the curve 

Current Status - 20 March 2020

Westpower would like to assure our West Coast community, customers and consumers that we have a strong plan in place to manage the network “keeping the lights on” during the COVID-19 pandemic which includes keeping our network operational, our staff, consumers and customers safe. Our focus is very much on ensuring that power supply and quality remains unaffected throughout the West Coast area.

Please see the latest results of our 2018 Customer Survey -

Customer Survey 2018.pdf