Keeping Children Safe

Staying Safe Around the Home

Young children are curious and will play with anything.  Ideally, they should never be left alone in a room where electric appliances or fittings are in use.  It takes only a moment for a child to poke something into a heater, pull on a cord, topple an appliance, or poke something into an electrical outlet.

  • use plastic safety plugs in all unused power points that don't have safety shutters.  Ensure safety plugs are a firm fit and impossible for little fingers to remove.
  • multi-boxes or power boards should be kept out of reach, preferably on a wall bracket.  If this cannot be done, use a multi-box cover.  If possible buy multi-boxes with shuttered outlets and an installed RCD.
  • when you finish using appliances like hair dryers, put them away so that children don't play with them.
  • use short cords on your electric jugs, kettles and toasters to prevent children from pulling them down onto themselves and getting badly burned or scalded.
  • keep metal objects like keys, scissors or nail files out of reach so they can't be poked into socket-outlets, heaters or other electrical outlets.

Teach your children about the dangers of electricity and always demonstrate safe behaviour

Staying Safe Near Electrical Equipment While Outdoors

Electricity always seeks the easiest, most direct path to the ground.  This means that if something you touch comes into contact with overhead power lines, the electricity will pass through that object then you – causing death, severe burns or other injury.

Remember that children love climbing trees and may not see the danger of overhead wires amongst the branches. Trees should never be allowed to come in contact with the wires.  Before anyone climbs a  tree, be sure no power lines run through it or near it.  Even if power lines aren't touching the tree, they could touch it when a person's weight is added to a branch. 

Children should be made aware of the dangers that exist when playing outdoors in and around your property.

  • never play near any electrical equipment such as pillar boxes or green transformer boxes often found on the boundaries of properties. 
  • always look up and look around before starting an activity such as fishing, or kite or model plane flying.  If there are any overhead lines nearby, stay clear of them.

Teach your children about the dangers of electricity and always demonstrate safe behaviour.