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The Consumers section of our site contains information about connecting or altering your power supply and provides links to electricity retailers. Your electrician will be able to help you with the necessary applications, forms and information.

You will also find tips for energy efficiency and useful links to other sites that may have more detailed information and resources.

We suggest you bookmark this page for quick reference as your guide to find the right information when you need it.

Quick Reference Guide

Issue Solution
No Power  check your switchboard fuses to determine if the fault is confined to your premises. If not, and it appears to be a network outage – contact your Electricity Retailer
No Hot Water contact your Electricity RetailerAlso see details of Load Management.
Reporting Damaged Equipment phone 0800 768 241 or email us
Temporary Safety Disconnections Repairs to roofing or spouting, painting, water blasting or using scaffolding when in close proximity to overhead power lines can be dangerous. Westpower provides a free safety disconnection and reconnection service for customers wanting to work safely around their service lines – contact your Electricity Retailer or call 0800 768 241. Please give at least 24 hours notice for the disconnection which should preferably take place during normal working hours.
Reporting Streetlight Faults Contact NZTA (for streetlights on a main highway) or your Local Council (for streetlights in the town area – not on a main highway).
Voltage Issues If you have concerns about the quality of your supply, please document as much information as possible, and contact your Electricity Retailer who will be able to arrange for someone to investigate the problem. Also see Voltage Problems.
Transporting a Large Structure you may require a High Load Permit – see Permits and Approvals.
Working Near Power Lines see Safety and Close Approach Permit 
Excavating Around Power Cables  see Excavating Safety (under Safety).
New Connections see Connecting to Our Network.


Load Management

Load Management refers to the way we reduce electrical load on our network during periods of high or peak electrical demand – generally in winter, especially mornings and early evening when heating gets switched on and cooking is taking place.

Why we Manage Load

Turning off the hot water heating during peak times helps to reduce the amount of electricity being used at one time. Hot water can be heated at non-peak times rather than during the peak when households need electricity for heating and cooking.

Essentially it allows us to flatten out the peaks and troughs of demand on the network.

There may also be times when Transpower, or another electricity industry participant, requests that Westpower carry out load management.

How we Manage Load

Westpower uses a system known as Ripple Control. Once power usage reaches maximum limits, a computerised system in our network control room sends out coded signals across the network.

When the signal reaches a household meter board a relay recognises the signal and switches off the electricity supply to the hot water cylinder.

When power demand eases, another signal is sent out to turn the hot water cylinder back on.