Excavating and Mobile Plant Safety

You should not undertake any excavations which may be in close proximity to cables without first determining their exact location - see Underground Cables.

Westpower encourages safety around power cables and provides an underground cable location service free of charge. 

To arrange a cable location, please contact beforeUdig on 0800 248 344. (Seven days prior notice is required for a request for an underground cable location.) 

All power lines have the potential to cause serious harm or death if people directly touch, indirectly touch or even simply get too close to a conductor or line.

When you plan to work near overhead lines or power poles, it is a legal requirement that you follow the minimum safe distances as set down by the New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice – NZECP 34:2001 – Electrical Safe Distances. Also see Working Near Networks.

All work activity must be kept at least 4 metres from overhead lines. If you need to work closer to our overhead lines you must obtain approval, in the form of a Close Approach Permit.

Please download a Close Approach Permit and fax to 03 768 2755 or email to controller@westpower.co.nz 

Using Mobile Plant

Where any mobile plant is being used in proximity to overhead power lines, the operator of the machinery/vehicle shall affix an approved warning notice in a conspicuous place as near as practicable to the operator's position.

The notice shall legibly state – "WARNING, KEEP CLEAR OF POWER LINES". Westpower has Warning Labels available free of charge.