Company Structure

The Trustees, elected from the local community, hold the shares in Westpower on behalf of the electricity consumers of the West Coast.  

Westpower is an electricity distribution company, and is responsible for transporting electricity from the national grid to consumers.

Westpower is the parent company for the group and owns electrical contracting and consultancy businesses that form the ElectroNet group of companies, along with electricity generator, Amethyst Hydro Ltd.  

Amethyst Hydro Ltd is a joint venture company which owns and operates the Amethyst Hydro Scheme. The scheme commenced generation in mid June 2013 as the result of 9 years of planning, design and construction.  The support of the local community has been instrumental in ensuring that this important piece of community-owned West Coast electricity infrastructure has been able to be built.

ElectroNet Services

ElectroNet Services Ltd was formed as a subsidiary company of Westpower when it restructured its activities to provide for the distribution of electricity through its lines infrastructure, after the Government Reforms in 1998.  Part of this restructure was the move to transfer all staff into ElectroNet Services Ltd to provide electrical contracting services to Westpower.  ElectroNet Services Ltd has grown significantly in recent years as the result of a planned approach to growing the organisation.

The company now provides transmission, distribution and electrical contracting.

  • Asset Management – provides specialist engineering expertise required for maintenance and expansion of the Westpower infrastructure. 
  • Lines – provides the capability to maintain and build distribution, sub-transmission and transmission lines.
  • Electrical – provides electrical staff to carry out domestic and industrial work and is also responsible for Westpower substation build and maintenance programmes.
  • Information Technology specialists - provide support to both Westpower and local businesses.
  • Orb Communications (Telecom) dealership – a retail arm offering customers Telecom mobile and landline products.

Mitton ElectroNet

Mitton ElectroNet Ltd is a Christchurch based consultancy company, providing electrical engineering services to many New Zealand and overseas electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies.  MEL was formed in 2007 following ElectroNet's acquisition of Mitton Consultants Ltd, a Christchurch based electrical engineering consultancy. MEL offer a comprehensive and professional service that delivers seamlessly integrated client solutions.

  • Design 
  • Draughting
  • Communications
  • Lightning protection
  • Project management
  • Power system modelling and protection
  • Generation – Hydro, Wind and Thermal

ElectroNet Transmission

ElectroNet Transmission Ltd is a Nelson and Greymouth based company, providing electricity transmission, maintenance and build services throughout the West Coast and Nelson/Marlborough regions.  

ETL was formed in 2008 following ElectroNet's acquisition of ABB's lines maintenance business. Involved mainly in transmission line and substation maintenance, the Nelson and Greymouth teams work proactively to ensure that their client's expectations are met, and also to pursue new business opportunities which will utilise the vast and varied skills of their workforce.