Non Domestic Connections

Non Domestic connections (eg. factories, workshops, dairy sheds) can have a significant impact on our electricity network. In some cases power lines and equipment may require upgrading to deliver power to customers in areas with substantial growth.

Having as much information as possible about future development enables us to plan effectively for the future and to avoid delays in providing a connection. All information about possible development will be treated as confidential.

Your electrician will be able to supply the electrical specifications to us for the connection. If an extension to our network is necessary, we will require a Concept Plan – see Network Connection Process  – and additional plans, approvals, consents, easement documents and possible Capital Contributions may be requested.

View the Capital Contributions Policy.

Closer to the time of construction we will need a Customer Initiated Work Request application completed. A range of information will be required such as required supply capacity, detailed site plan, a schedule of motors etc. See How to Get Connected.

To talk to someone about your application contact us on 03 768 9300 or email