6 May 2020

The Board of Directors of West Coast’s electricity distributor, Westpower is pleased to announce that the total amount of the line charge special discount this year will be $5m, up $2m from last year. It has been decided that the payment of its special discount to consumers this year will be brought forward to August rather than December as has been the practice in the past. This decision has been made by the Board of Directors to help reduce the financial pressure on our community at a time where many are facing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 events.

Westpower consumers will see the discount on power accounts from their electricity suppliers around August and should amount to a reduction in the average residential household power bill of approximately $170.

West Coast Electric Power Trust Chairman Ian Hustwick said that the Directors decision to increase the discount this year and to release the discount early was supported by Trustees. “This decision by the Directors allows consumers to share in the benefits that come from ownership of Westpower and we are very happy that the discount is able to be increased this year. It is hoped this will make a difference to West Coast Electricity consumers.”