Covid-19 Update from Westpower and Electronet

Now that the country has moved to Level 3 (as from 28th April 2020), the Westpower and Electronet companies have resumed some contracting and maintenance work, while continuing to respond to faults, and are strictly adhering to the key principles for safe working during Level 3.

The office continues to remain closed for general business during this period. 

While much of the work currently undertaken is out in the field, with minimal need for staff to interact with the general public, guidelines are also in place for when our staff are visiting customer’s homes, as outlined below.   Please be reassured that we will be monitoring the health of our workers, and surveying the wellness of the occupants of any homes we may visit.  Do not be offended if we need to ask you some key questions to enable us to undertake work at your homes or businesses safely.

We remain steadfastly committed to the health and wellbeing of our workers, contractors, their families and our communities - this is our highest priority, and with our dedicated team, we are well prepared to provide the best solutions for all our consumers.

Please keep safe and take care to protect yourselves and those close to you. Together we can support each other to minimise the risk of community spread of COVID-19 and ensure the good work achieved to date is not undone.

Please call 0800 768 241 if you have a power outage, or phone 03-768 9300 for any general enquiries.