Network Extension Process

If an extension to the Westpower Network is required, a detailed concept plan outlining the anticipated load, intended conductor size, line or cable route in relation to our network and any other relevant information should be submitted to Westpower.

We will use your concept to determine whether the intended extension can be connected to the network. As approval may need significant engineering input, at least 14 working days should be allowed.

  • The Electrical Contractor will submit a Concept Plan for Network Approval.
    • When the concept is approved, Westpower will advise what other documents and/or information is required – design, easements, consents etc.
  • The Electrical Contractor submits all required documentation.
    • Westpower will advise the Contractor when everything is complete and approved.
  • The Electrical Contractor will submit a Work Completion Notice and request connection to the Network at the completion of the work.
    • When all documentation is complete a Westpower Approved Contractor will make the connection to the Network.