Capacity Upgrades or Downgrades

Adequate notice of any significant load increase should be given to Westpower before connection of supply to prevent problems of future capacity constraints on Westpower’s network.

This will help Westpower in the LV distribution network planning process and ensure that the existing transformer has enough capacity to supply the new load and also that adequate voltage levels are maintained for all consumers.

If the new total load installed at your premises will exceed your approved load entitlement (service line fuse size) then a Customer Initiated Work Request application needs to be filled in and sent to Westpower for approval. See How to Get Connected.

Westpower will fuse the service cable up to its rated capacity but not beyond. This is a statutory requirement. It is important therefore, for any load increase, to make sure your service cable is rated appropriately and the new power entitlement has been approved by Westpower before the commencement of any works.

Downgrading an existing installation will follow the same process as above and will require a Customer Initiated Work Request application.