Update: Proposed Waitaha Hydro Scheme

Westpower lodged its application for concessions for the proposed Waitaha Hydro Scheme with the Department of Conservation (DOC) on 30 July, 2014.  The application for a concession has now been approved in principle, subject to terms and conditions and any oral or written submissions received through the public notification process.

DOC publicly notified its intention to grant a lease, licence and easement concession for Westpower to construct and operate a run-of-river scheme on the Waitaha River on 16 September 2016. Further information on this process can be found at www.doc.govt.nz/consultations

Your feedback

Westpower welcomes your feedback on the Scheme at any stage during the process. 

Please send your feedback to

Waitaha@electronet.co.nz or to


PO Box 375,